My passion is creating inspired pieces of piano music to celebrate the people you love and your relationship with them.

Each piece of music is as unique as the person for whom it is created and as unique as your connection with them.

I am a classically trained pianist and performance artist with a gift for tuning into people, tuning into their essence, and then receiving the music that’s waiting to be born. I attune to you as well for I become the bridge, the conduit to convey your heartfelt wishes of love and appreciation.

This is a gift that will bring joy for a lifetime.

People Who Have Been Touched By This Gift Of Music

This piece you created for me is so “me”! You nailed it…my lighthearted carefree essence as well as my need to slow down, and experience peace…

Yvon K.


This poignant tribute to my wife… is so comforting and beautiful…brings tears to my eyes every time I listen. You truly captured her spirit!

Michael A.


I not only get to be delighted by Dovida’s musical creations, but I can actually gift them to people I love so that they receive gorgeous compositions they will be able to enjoy the rest of their lives. This is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

Wendy H.


The piece you sent today is something my husband will love love love.…The lullaby you created is a gift for our new grandson Jake…This will be the most beautiful gift he’ll likely ever receive… What comes through you and your musical soul is legendary. Thank u!

Claire G.


Oh my God, this is one of a kind of talent you have to come up with a piece of music that attunes with my emotions and with this kind of love and grace. You’re so full of musical empathy….Really warms my heart…I have never heard of this before.

Hanaa P.


Dovida Goodman’s wizardry of the heart through the keys of her piano touches and nurtures the very soul and being of everyone blessed to hear it. I love my birthday piece…will listen to it for years to come. I can’t recommend her “Heart-istry” strongly enough.

Saniel Bonder


4 Music Excerpts


Layers of Grace

This music was born out of a magical collaboration with visionary artist Lee Ann Heltzel and her painting called Grace. Lee Ann approached me to create an audio track for people to listen to while meditating on this painting.

Every time Lee Ann sent me of photo of the next completed layer, I was moved to reply in music. Lee Ann would then listen to this music as she painted the next layer. This album, Layers of Grace, is made up of the pieces I improvised along the way and includes the final 12 minute improvisation that accompanies the painting.

USD $20
Album Release Special

USD $11.00

More People Who Have Been Touched By This Gift Of Music

You truly honor us with this healing piece of music… Michael is lovin’ it…. He is painting to it. I am sending it on to my oldest friend and to my couple’s therapist… Michael feels as honored as I do.

Jane V


Your playing is extremely musical and sensitive…your improvisations super intuitive, musical, and delicate…your music tells a story.

Henrique Eisenmann, Pianist

Paul Winter Consort

This is so beautiful… It is so much more than I could’ve hoped for… I’m so excited for my wife to hear it!

Josh B


…Thinking of you with gratitude every time Linnea goes to sleep to her lullaby from you. We love it so much…

Elle W


I listen to “Lana’s Song” over and over…  It gives me great pleasure and comfort and I still cry every time I hear it.

Lana S


Every time I hear this music I feel warm…and it always brings a happy smile. Every note conveys a very deep and unique feeling.

Venus V


Your two pieces of music that you created for me and my husband were so moving and touched my heart so deeply! Tears of gratitude flowed. I cannot recommend your magical music more, Dovida. What a gift you have!

Linda Groves–Bonder


Your playing gave me such goosebumps. These notes opened up my heart to remembering softness and vulnerability as not being opposites, but integral, to stability and strength. I love how my body reacts directly to your beautiful music. Thank you!

Jonatan B


The day did not start out well… I can not express how much your music calmed and soothed my heart.

Diane M


Dovida, thank you SO much for this amazing offering of music. It is simply awesome – tender, lyrical, magical, beautiful. I am deeply touched and will treasure it always. With much gratitude,

Laine G


Absolutely gorgeous. Just perfect for me.

Falguni B


Music for the Soul

JF Anzola


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